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Thursday, 14 May 2015


Director Dean Israelite (who will soon be known as the guy who ruined Power Rangers) misses a big opportunity with the time-travelling found footage film Project Almanac.
Here we follow a group of high-school kids who stumble upon the blueprints for a time machine and all is great until they discover the consequences of the ripple effect.  The most glaring mistake the film makes is pointlessly deciding to shoot it as a found footage film.  It's mostly distracting and really takes away from it's overall impact, especially when it's quite obvious the narrative is begging to follow traditional film-making.  Secondly, the story never quite explores all the incredible situations it could have dealt and instead pushes them aside with haste or doesn't even acknowledge them even as their staring the viewer straight in the face.  Still, it comes up with some refreshing ideas and packs in enough fun to hold it's own until the end, even with it's obligatory time-travelling plot-holes galore.

2 most Excellent Adventures out of 5

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