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Thursday, 7 May 2015

I Am Ωmega (2007)

A direct-to-dvd adaptation of the I Am Legend (1954) novel by the studio that gave us such shameless mockbusters as Snakes on a Train (2006), The Day the Earth Stopped (2008) and the Bay-busting Transmorphers: Fall of Man (2009). Even though it’s pure crap it does manage to give Neville (here called Renchard) some worthwhile characteristics: his cautious paranoia is appropriate (if it wasn't so sporadic) and his memory of a past tragedy fuels his anger, an anger that helps keep him alive. He also knows martial arts, owns a good laptop and a machete. What more could one man want?
The empty world is part of the story, but the emptiness of the film is a failing.

1 drive through infected town in an open top car out of 5

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