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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Population 436 (2006)

Steve Kady (Jeremy Sisto) is a researcher for the Census Bureau, required to contribute to a scheduled head count of US citizens every ten years. His job takes him to the idyllic town of Rockwell Falls. The sign says the population is 436. There's nothing unusual there, it's the same figure that's in the census records, except it's been that way for a century, never changing.
It's like a Twilight Zone script extended to feature-length. It doesn't feel too stretched, but while the necessary layering of mystery is ever-present it does reach a plateau and ceases to climb well before the end.
You'll maybe recognise more than a handful of influences and there's a Stephen King vibe to the set-up and in how the characters are drawn.

3 community traditions out of 5

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