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Friday, 20 March 2015


Director Neil Berkeley, who documented the life of oddball artist Wayne White in Beauty Is Embarrassing, focuses his attention on another creative misfit, Community creator Dan Harmon, in Harmontown.
After being fired from his own television series, Harmon took his experimental podcast series on the road to meet his adoring fans, all the while learning many painful things about himself.   The film makes no attempt to candy coat the man's boorishness, alcoholism and constant need to clash with everybody (including himself) but that's the part that makes him all the more interesting and easy to relate.  I went in expecting to dislike Harmon a bit more while still adoring his rapid-fire wit and creativity, instead I came out astonished by the emotional punches it pulled.  Fans of Harmon will most likely get the most out of this film but there's still some characteristics and moments I think everyone could learn from.

3½ human hand grenades out of 5

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