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Friday, 20 March 2015


Director Morten Tyldum, in his English langue debut, does a graceful job at telling the true story of WWII British cryptanalyst/computer scientist Alan Turing's solving of the Enigma code in The Imitation Game.
Benedict Cumberbatch is superb as the socially awkward and arrogant Turing who brilliant as he was, fell victim to his emotions, insecurities and heavy heart.   At the front, the film is a psychological character study smoothed over with the traits of a tragic historical thriller but it surprisingly and thankfully has it's fair share of well-timed laughs that is a breath of fresh air to it's type of film.  It's a harrowing story that's so easy to get invested in, with it's wonderful performances, confident storytelling and brilliantly executed direction all of which never outshine each other and instead compliment the next with refined precision.

4 crossword puzzles out of 5

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