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Sunday, 22 March 2015


The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya

After an absence of nearly 15 years, director Isao Takahata marks his return with the lengthiest Studio Ghibli film yet, The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya.
Based upon the ancient Japanese folktale, The Tale Of The Bamboo Cutter, the film follows the story of a vibrantly delicate girl who was born from within a glowing bamboo plant, only to lead a life of misery while being showered with grandeur. It's delicately hand drawn with a beautiful simplicity that heightens the sparse, yet warm, watercolor backgrounds and shines on the care put into the sensitive movements of each character.  It's heartbreaking morals revolve around happiness and the search for it, with most of us looking in all the wrong places until it's too late.  Without a doubt it'll attract the already established fans but with it's lengthy running time and occasionally empty storytelling non-fans will be checking their watches more often than they'd prefer.  

3½ uber-growth spurts out of 5

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