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Sunday, 29 June 2014

ENEMY [2014]

Denis Villeneuve's latest film, Enemy, is a frightening psychological thriller that could sit neatly beside Lynch's Lost Highway, Kubricks's Eyes Wide Shut and Cronenberg's Spider.
Jake Gyllenhaal plays dual roles as two strangers who discover they look exactly like each other and begin getting tangled up in a web of lost identity and confused realities.  Dense with an unsettling atmosphere, claustrophobic photography, deeply disturbing music and a narrative that seemingly makes next to no sense, Enemy will please fans of Kafka and Burroughs alike.  Upon first viewing it probably won't make any sense to anyone not expecting it but with a careful eye and close attention to dialogue you'll start piecing it all together to find a deeply intelligent character study and dissection of our times.

4 spider-woman out of 5

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