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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Pumping Iron (1977)

A doc’s success is undeniable when it holds the attention of a viewer who ordinarily has zero interest in the topic onto which it turns its lens. Such it is with me and body building, but the spotlight cast on the lifestyle by film-makers George Butler and Robert Fiore made fascinating viewing.
The egos, arrogance and rivalries are there but they’re balanced by a huge amount of competitor encouragement and friendly advice. How much of it was chosen for that specific purpose is unknown, but it’s there, nonetheless.
What comes through the most is that an unshakable belief in yourself is just as important to success as hours spent gurning at the gym.
Arnie is both surprising and disgusting as a master manipulator, psyching his opponents out with a smile and faux friendship. He also does something remarkable with a hot water bottle.

3½ posedowns out of 5

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