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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

MAGGIE [2015]

Henry Hobson's directorial debut, the zombie-drama, Maggie, does a phenomenal job at making the viewer feel the need to overdose on anti-depressants once the credits start rolling.
Arnie Schwarzenegger plays a father who cares for his daughter, as she slowly dies from an infection that inevitably leads to her becoming the flesh-eating walking dead.  Arnie took me completely off-guard as he goes for an effective low-key performance and for once, with a heavy heart, the viewer definitely does not want him to pick up any sort of fire-arms.  It's a slow-burning drama that reminded me several times of the dreariness of The Road with the same sort of suffocating dread that Michael Haneke explored with Amour.  Great performances and mesmerizing tone aside, the film doesn't offer a whole lot beyond that and when all is said and done, it feels rather pointless, unless it aimed to haunt...because, boy, does it ever.

3 poor little foxes out of 5

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