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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Food, Inc. (2008)

Most adults are aware that the tasty burger they're holding was once part of a cow, likely mistreated before being violently killed, but the majority of consumers can easily put that out of mind as they bite down. If the things they do know don’t bother them, what about the things they don’t know?
It’s not a documentary about animal rights, it’s about giant food corporations that no longer pay American farmers to ‘raise’ chickens - they pay businessmen to ‘grow’ them on factory farms. Fat birds = fat wallets.
It’s not just animals; the story of corn and soy beans is just as terrifying.
It’s light on statistics, opting more for something akin to scare tactics, but the daring hidden camera footage speaks for itself without needing diagrams.

4 ugly truths out of 5

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cuckoo said...

This is one of those films that keeps on coming back to me in my mind at the weirdest times.

It left an impression after all these years that's for sure.

4 tasty lies of 5