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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Ten Commandments (1956)

Luckily for Charlton 'Thou Shall Not Wear False Beards' wasn't one of God's laws, because the actor's face fur wouldn't fool a goat, much less a deity. But trappings aside, DeMille's epic is memorable for other reasons. Its scope is such that it feels like an event, a thing to behold as much as to enjoy.
It's a lavish production in which Heston dominates even when he's attempting to be humble; Brynner oozes a venomous charm as Moses' ambitiously jealous sibling; while the ladies captivate whether they be decked in finery or rags.
It rarely feels like it isn't staged every step of the way, even the on location scenes feel overly-managed, but it makes up for that with the large amount of sheer drama that it brings to the table. Only the last half hour lets the side down, wherein it rushes to deliver its concluding message.

4½ binding ties out of 5

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