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Thursday, 7 September 2017

A Most Violent Year (2014)

Set in a wintry New York in 1981, it has the look and feel of an older gangster film, but the main protagonist, an ambitious businessman by the name of Abel (Oscar Isaac), is doing his best to avoid that particular lifestyle or even to be beholden to anyone who's already a part of it. His primary focus is on his heating-oil business, a profitable venture that's been targeted by an unknown rival force, leaving Abel in a dire straits situation.
It's a well-made film with a solid foundation and actors that are mostly believable in their roles. The few action scenes that add colour are dramatic and equally well-shot. To be fair, the script isn't bad either, but it wasn't as captivating as it needed to be in order to be more than the sum of its parts.

3 hijacked rigs out of 5

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