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Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Stone Tape (1972)

A ghost story at Xmas is something of a tradition on British TV, possibly because the dark and chilly Blighty evenings mean many folks stay indoors next to a crackling fire, the perfect setting for an evening scare.
The Stone Tape is one such example. It's a TV Play set in a large derelict house. A group of scientists and corporate types move in and set up a makeshift lab, hoping to invent a new type of recording device that'll put them far ahead of their rivals. The schedule is interrupted when Jill, the only female of the group, experiences an eerie chill in the store room.
At its best it's the kind of unnatural occurrence that might eventually receive a visit from Sapphire and Steel, but it's too uneven to recommend to anyone who's not already in love with the genre and, in particular, the era.

2½ weeping rats out of 5

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