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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Return of the Street Fighter (1974)

Sonny Chiba returns as Takuma Tsurugi, this time hired to take down someone dangerous, but he makes an enemy or three along the way.
There's a police investigation sub-plot buried in there somewhere, but mostly film number two is a series of fights that take place in different locations with varying weather conditions. It's not as good as The Street Fighter (1974) and some of the antics are ridiculous, but somehow Chiba makes them almost believable – he's that classy. I love how his eyes scan the room for danger even when he's intensely focussed on the fight at hand.
There's some B+W flashbacks interspersed between bouts, adding either more brutality or some much-needed plot to the violent action.

3 bloodied knuckles out of 5

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