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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Friday Foster (1975)

Miss Foster is a magazine fashion photographer who's sent to cover something other than 70s fashions. Whilst there she witnesses a violent assassination attempt on an influential man. Afterwards, aided by a suavely-dressed Yaphet Kotto, she hunts the killer while being similarly hunted by him.
It's certainly not Pam's best work; not quite amateur hour but not far removed either. On the plus side the two leads definitely work well together, Weathers makes a believable villain, Scatman is his usual great self, and the music is memorable. I'd like to have seen more of the police lieutenant (Ed Cambridge) because he was fun. In conclusion, it has the feel of a TV Movie and if not for occasional nudity it'd probably be suitable for Sunday afternoon viewing.

2½ seduction brandies out of 5

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