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Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Disney's live action/animated film Slaves of the of the South is inspired by author Joel Chandler Harris' collected Uncle Remus stories.
Set on a plantation in rural Georgia, the framing story revolves around a rich white family who face such white people tragedies as daddy taking a trip, a muddy dress and not getting a puppy.  Each of these problems are solved by the care-free ex-slaves who are perfectly happy to serve no purpose but fix the cracker-asses' tragic dilemmas.
There's some pretty entertaining animated sequences based on the Remus' tales but it's the framing story that pretty much stinks.  Not just because it's offensively racist but it lacks any sort of direction or any realized plotline.  James Baskett does a wonderful job at portraying Uncle Remus with heartfelt depth but he's the only thing worth mentioning beyond the cartoon shorts.

3 tar babies out of 5

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