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Monday, 31 October 2016


It's October 31st, as of this post, so naturally to coincide with consumer whores it's time to start celebrating Christmas tomorrow.  Here at The Nutshell I thought I'd get one day ahead of the whores and wipe my reindeer Nuts all over Todd Nunes' low budget X-mas slasher All Through The House.
Some crazed dude dresses up as Santa, murders people and mutilates their naughty bits with a pair of hedging shears and that's about it.
After a particularly vicious opening scene it all seems to fall into a pit of really really bad, like A Talking Cat?!? bad, only with homicidal Christmas cheer.  It doesn't really offer any real surprises other than a wild card Alice in Wonderland dress tossed in for whatever reason.  No matter how bad it gets there's just something alluringly awful about it that won't allow you to dismiss it as quick as you probably should.

2 wild wheelchair rides out of 5

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