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Monday, 13 November 2017

Encounters at the End of the World (2007)

The end of the World referred to is not a time but a place, the Antarctic. It's there that Dir. Werner Herzog's peculiar motivations take him, furthering his uncanny ability to be in the correct place with a camera at the correct time, recording intimate musings of individuals against a backdrop of stacked odds and vastness that's difficult to put into perspective even when presented with the statistics to do so. His preoccupation with unmet expectations and absurdity means we learn almost as much about the filmmaker/narrator as we do some of the scientists and tradesmen who attempt to put into words what it takes to survive in such an unforgiving environment and why they chose to be there in the first place. Along the way we're treated to some astonishing sights, including a look at the thick ice from the underside, like frozen clouds come down to explore the secrets of the sea bed.

4 professional dreamers out of 5

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