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Friday, 10 March 2017

Tactical Unit: Partners (2009)

The last of five TV Movies set after Johnnie To's PTU (2003). The teams get lumbered with a new recruit who's eager to please but too inexperienced to rely on. A tense altercation outside a disco exposes his insecurities, which eventually leads to a shit-storm, as you'd expect.
A youth with both Chinese and Indian parentage features heavily. His story isn't bad, but overall it's the first of the TV movies to feel more like a standard weekly drama in which the PTU are a part, as opposed to an organic extension of the original film. May and Sam at the same table is a sight to see, though; and elsewhere, while on patrol, their ability to convey an entire scene's worth of dialogue while not actually saying anything is as good as ever.

2½ outside jobs out of 5

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