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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Before the Flood (2016)

It's been ten years since Al Gore delivered his inconvenient truth, since he used his public profile to educate and inspire us to acknowledge and work toward reversing the climate change that's having a devastating impact upon the conditions for life on Earth. But, alas, the world is still on the road to ruin.
Maybe Leo DiCaprio will have better luck. The actor isn't as well-educated as Gore was on the subject, meaning he's not able to present the hard questions, but he tries and that, as they say, is half the battle, so credit to him.
The documentary is focussed primarily on America, and a little too much on Leo at times, but as before the message is relevant to the world.
Hopefully people won't just watch it and then forget, but will instead become aware of the active role that they can play within the bigger picture.

3 weather patterns out of 5


cuckoo said...

There's a fantastic feature length documentary on The Revenant blu-ray that explores the devastating effect climate change has on Canadian Aboriginal and how it deeply affected film-making on location.

I wouldn't be surprised if Fargo S3 follows suit.

Dr Faustus said...

Sounds good. I've not the seen The Revenant yet, but there was footage in this of Iñárritu shooting it, and it mentions how they had to fly elsewhere just to find some snow.