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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Toei Hero Next: We're the Bounty Hunter Troupe (2014)

Spoofs with genuine stories hidden beneath the laughs are magical things. Just look at Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. On the surface, this is a gigantic bag of Super Sentai cameos and fanservice. When the references aren’t call-backs, they’re knowing switcheroos. The core six Kyoryugers are a group of actors, who are also bounty hunters, that entangle themselves in a case involving Go-On Silver. Trading one female Sixth for another. I like that~ The conclusion is Ace Attorney-worthy and they even work in a nod to the value of toku as a whole. Still, I unfortunately can’t really recommend it to anyone who isn’t at least familiar with Kyoryuger.

All of the cameos are listed below the cut.

4 Western Shippers’ Wet-dreams Come To Life out of 5

Nutted by NEG.

Others from Kyoryuger:
  • Kyoryu Violet’s suit actress
  • Dogold’s voice actor
  • Kiryuu Dantetsu / Kyoryu Silver II
  • Gentle

  • Usami Yoko — Komiya Arisa
  • Takeshi Kuroki

  • Joe Gibken / Gokai Blue

  • Magis / Gosei Green
  • A Biibi suit actress (same as Yayoi’s.)

  • Umemori Genta / Shinken Gold

  • Ishihara Gunpei / Go-On Black
  • Suto Miu / Go-On Silver
  • Yogostein’s voice actor (same as Dogold’s.)

  • Mele

  • Kaze no Shizuka

  • Sen / Deka Green

  • Bitou Kouta / Hurricane Yellow

  • Tsuetsue

Long-time Director / Bit-part Actor
  • Morota Satoshi

Credit to Tv-Nihon's wiki for the last two.

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