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Monday, 6 June 2016

Movie Taisen 2010 Director’s Cut (2010)

Climax Deka may have a few Kiva cameos but this is a more full-fledged crossover effort between two (né three) Riders. I wish very strongly that another was in Decade’s place. Outside of his quality romp with the Shinkengers, he basically exists to disrespect canon and characters who mean the world to me. It is cool to see Super Climax and the rest of the Riders’ final forms called out together, at least. It’s also the end of his show’s narrative. Begins Night (W’s portion of this) is flawless. It has Skull, FangJoker, and Shoutarou being an absolute boss. The combined finale is surprisingly fun as it plays to W’s strengths and Philip’s curiosity. It also predicts the future.

This version makes you skip forward if you want to avoid Decade as it switches the order the halves are presented in. My score is the average of three individual scores.

2½ Chances to Punch Death in the Face out of 5

Nutted by NEG.

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