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Monday, 23 May 2016

Saraba, Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown (2008)

A Den-O movie villain with some emotional resonance?!? Be still my heart~ Yes, this is the debut of New Den-O and Kotarou and Teddy are…..okay. A serious Imagin may seem like a bad decision but in terms of contrast it makes sense. More sense than a heroic female Imagin. We all know what would happen if they tried that. Still, the one disappointment of this movie is that the promise of old Imagin wasn't realized. Urataros macking on nursing home women. Momo being insanely competitive over shuffleboard. HOW DID YOU FAIL TO CAPITALIZE ON THIS, TOEI? HOW!?!? What is here, however, is golden. What I've always asserted about this series, at very long last, becomes a reality. Few things in this life have made me happier.

4½ Stacks of Rider Passes out of 5

Nutted by NEG.

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