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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters — Protect Tokyo Enetower! (2012)

The Go-Busters’ episode-masquerading-as-a-movie mostly eschews rousing exchanges, instead choosing to focus on tactical innovation and efficiency as the means to overcome the odds that mount against the team. This end is largely served by the introduction of not only the frog submarine, FS-0O, but very specifically the associated automaton. She appears once more in the series proper but her role here is crucial and multi-layered to the point that my conception of the team is not complete without her. In addition to playing an even more central role in the success of this mission than most summer movie mecha already do, she provides background information that grants insight into Beet and Stag Buster’s characters. The fight and mecha choreography manage to side-step some convenient tropes, to boot.

Well executed, required viewing.

4 Excuses to Use Your Teammate as a Weapon out of 5

Nutted by NEG.

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