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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger — The Decisive War (2009)

It’s horrible form to launch into a 30 minute excuse for a film with nothing outside of a stark declaration that a war has suddenly broke out. Still, the Shinkengers’ dedicated summer movie somehow manages to check most of the requisite boxes fairly well in spite of it. The exclusive mecha deservedly provides Shinken Red with his strongest unique power-up and manages to get all Freudian for good measure. It goes on to be used extensively in the show and every subsequent theatre outing (whereas most series’ only make a singular cameo). Some laughs are had and some inspirational words are issued. Here, however, the best dialogue provides tantalizing foreshadowing for the show itself. It’s heavily by-the-numbers but what is different is enough to make it worth the limited time it demands.

2½ God-Like Powers Casually Exercised out of 5

Nutted by NEG.

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